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Renovating, Rebranding, and More - *LX* November

I have not blogged in a couple of months, mostly because I had taken a little break to reflect and to reinvent a little in my shop. In doing so, I have changed a few things - the first of which is my logo:

My reason for changing the logo was because I am looking for something a bit more feminine and classy. I love both logos, really, but this one speaks to me more and has been very well received. It also fits the new look of my main store, which reopened only two weeks ago. While there are still a few bits and pieces that need to be put in it, the main store is operating again, and I plan to do some new store releases to celebrate one of the things that I plan to do with *LX* - give the brand more dependency on the main store. Events are fantastic, but it is important, in my opinion, that attention is given to where it all began.
Speaking of events, *LX* is in three of them at the moment and will be in two more as of next week. I used this opportunity to start on another project - mor…

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